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Alexandra Kaplan’s reflection on Interpreting a Conversation between Pope Francis and President Elect Biden

In the global landscape, interpreters play a crucial role in fostering understanding across languages and cultures. This truth became evident during an historic exchange that I had the privilege of participating in between President-elect Joe Biden and Pope Francis. This was an  experience that truly represents the importance of interpreters and inspired my creation of Kaplan Interpreting Services.

In the realm of diplomacy and faith, the conversation between these two leaders went beyond mere words; it represented the alignment of shared values and the need for effective communication on global issues. President-elect Biden’s gratitude and shared commitments with the Pope emphasized themes of dignity, equality, climate action, and compassion for migrants and refugees.

As an interpreter privileged to be part of this significant exchange, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of language in building connections and fostering collaboration on issues that transcend borders. It was not just a professional obligation but a reminder of the crucial role interpreters play in facilitating meaningful dialogues at the highest levels of leadership.

This experience illuminated the profound impact of interpreters beyond diplomacy—in hospitals where lives are at stake, courtrooms where justice is sought, and historic moments where destinies are shaped. Interpreters serve as bridges between different worlds, amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard.

Kaplan Interpreting Services was born from a commitment to amplify voices across linguistic barriers. Our mission goes beyond translation; it is about fostering empathy, breaking down barriers, and building genuine connections in a world marked by misunderstanding.

In a world divided by discord, interpreters serve as catalysts for dialogue, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and building a more inclusive society. Our work demonstrates the enduring power of language as a force for unity, compassion, and positive change.

As we embark on this journey with Kaplan Interpreting Services, we remain committed to championing the vital role of interpreters in fostering understanding and empathy across diverse communities and nations. Together, let us celebrate the transformative potential of dialogue and the unifying power of language in shaping a more interconnected, compassionate world.


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