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Interpretation & Translation Services Servicios de Interpretación y Traducción 통역 및 번역 서비스 Servicii de interpretare și traducere خدمات ترجمة شفوية وتحريرية 口译和笔译服务

Kaplan Interpreting Services enables seamless global communication through expert document translation, in-person and virtual interpretation, international concierge services and 24/7 access to vetted interpreters.
We provide interpretation and translation services in more than 200 languages, from Korean to Arabic linguist, we have you covered.

Kaplan Interpreting Services is a partner you can trust.


Our Unparalleled Expertise

Effective communication requires more than just language translation and interpretation - it demands deep understanding of culture and context.

At Kaplan Interpreting Services, we go beyond literal interpretation to deliver complete meaning. Our interpreters and translators are carefully vetted and matched not just on language skills, but on their expertise in your specific industry and assignment.

Before each project, we thoroughly coach our interpreters so they can adeptly handle the nuances and intricacies inherent to your situation. We prep them on your organization, objectives, and specialized terminology so they can provide seamless, empathetic communication tailored to your needs.

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Don’t just translate or interpret – truly connect across languages and cultures. Choose Kaplan Interpreting Services for communication excellence.

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Connecting the globe through interpretation and translation

200+ Languages and Over 10,000 Linguists

Kaplan Interpreting Services provides interpretation and translation services in more than 200 languages. With our vast network of over 7,000 professional linguists, we speak your language.

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World-class interpretation and translation services. We’re here for you, when and where you need us.


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We have a worldwide network of specialized, highly trained and experienced linguists. Every linguist shares our commitment to high quality standards.