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Exceptional Care Begins with Exceptional Assistance

Personalized Interpreter Concierge Services for National and International Patients

Elevate Your Medical Journey

  • Door-to-Door Service: Your personal interpreter from arrival to departure.
  • Errand Support: Need to run errands? We’re with you every step of the way.
  • Medical Guidance: Assist in pre and post-op appointments, ensuring no detail is missed.
  • Legal Assurance: Expertise in assisting with medical and legal document interpretations.

More Than Just Interpreters - Your Healthcare Ally

At Kaplan Interpreting Services, we’re not just versed in languages but in the intricacies of healthcare. As a women-owned, minority-certified venture with deep roots in medical families, we resonate with the importance of trust, understanding, and meticulous care in every patient’s journey.

Voices of Trust

Kaplan’s Concierge Services were a blessing during my medical trip. From the airport to my doctor’s appointments, I felt understood and cared for.

David J. from Italy

Having Kaplan’s interpreters assist our international patients has visibly enhanced their comfort and confidence throughout their medical journey.

Dr. Esther D. From Brazil

We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Kaplan Interpreting. Their interpreters' expertise in various industries and their dedication to ensuring effective communication have been invaluable to our global business expansion.

Michael Chen From UK

Prepared for Tomorrow's Global Visitors

With major events on the horizon, we’re geared up to ensure that every international visitor, be it for medical reasons or otherwise, feels right at home with our dedicated interpreting services.