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By working with Kaplan Interpreting Services, you can expect:

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  • A workplace with a stellar reputation, committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Access to nationwide clients and opportunities
  • Professional and respectful communication
  • Fair compensation
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Multi Ethnic Business Couple

“As an interpreter I can say that Kaplan Interpreting Services is one of the best agencies to work with. I appreciate the flexibility and opportunities. They care about their interpreters and clients.”

Lina K.
Japanese Medical Interpreter
Anaheim, CA

“Working with Kaplan Interpreting Services I've experienced fairness, respect, kindness and professionalism that includes competitive pay as well as quick turnaround on pay. I recommend working with this agency.”

Alvaro M.
Spanish Medical Interpreter
Los Alamitos, CA

“Kaplan Interpreting Services has been a great place for connecting me with high quality clients who are delightful to interpret for.”

Sheena K.
Japanese Medical Interpreter
Tustin, CA

“Kaplan Interpreting has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Their seamless process, prompt payments, user-friendly billing system, and above all, the unwavering respect they show me, have made our partnership truly remarkable.”

Dinorah G.
Certified Medical interpreter
Santa Rosa, CA

“As a certified medical interpreter, I've had the privilege of working with Kaplan Interpreting Services for 3 years, and it has been an absolute delight. Their impeccable attention to detail is truly impressive. Whenever I encounter any challenges during an assignment, they swiftly address them, leaving me feeling fully supported.”

Claudia K.
Certified Medical interpreter
Los Ángeles, CA

“I have had the privilege of providing my services to Kaplan Interpreting Services, since February 2020, and I wholeheartedly embrace any future assignments from them. Their professionalism is unparalleled, characterized by precise communication, punctual remuneration, and swift handling of unforeseen circumstances.”

Rosio M.
Certified Medical interpreter
Sacramento, CA

“Working with Kaplan Interpreting has been an absolute delight. The entire team at Kaplan Interpreting Services demonstrate utmost professionalism, effective communication, and punctuality. Their rates are fair, and I can always count on timely payments. I wholeheartedly recommend working for this exceptional agency”

Elizabeth H.
Certified Medical interpreter
Orange County, CA

“Working with Kaplan Interpreting Services allows me to embody the core values that drove me to pursue this career: integrity, honesty, excellence, and professionalism. Overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers while delivering exceptional service is my true calling.”

Antonietta S.
Certified Medical interpreter
Los Angeles, CA

“In my year of working with Kaplan Interpreting Services, I yearn for more agencies like them. They embody directness, ease of collaboration, and unwavering punctuality in payment.”

Luis Y.
Certified Medical interpreter
Santa Rosa, CA

“Experience Exceptional Interpreting with KAPLAN: Professionalism, Efficiency, Genuine Care. Clear Communication, Valued and Appreciated. Engaging Assignments, Showcasing Language Skills. Streamlined Logistics for High-Quality Interpretation.”

Andrew Y.
Certified Medical interpreter
Sylmar, CA
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