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Our Distinctive Approach


We pride ourselves on flawlessly executing interpretation and translation services. Meticulousness is embedded in our DNA, ensuring utmost accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Personal Touch

Adapting to your style, we offer a customized interpreting experience that sets us apart in our field.


We're dedicated to fostering your growth. Through crucial interpretations and accurate translations, we simplify your communication needs, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business.

Why Choose Our Expertise

Choose our expertise at Kaplan Interpreting Services for innovative and reliable language solutions. Experience the transformative power of our comprehensive services, elevating your language capabilities to new heights.

Revolutionize Your Language Services

Partnering with us ignites a revolution in your language services, driving seamless communication with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Let our language solutions propel your success, while you concentrate on your core pursuits.

Confidence in Communication

With our expertise fueling your operations, you can confidently present impeccable interpretations and translations, ensuring precision and cultural nuance that captivates your audience and fosters trust.

Unyielding Reliability

With our unwavering team, you can have peace of mind knowing that your requirements are in capable hands. As a dependable language solutions provider, we empower you to confidently navigate the challenges of the global business landscape. Rest assured, our unwavering assurance will support you every step of the way.

Core Values

Beyond Words

We don't just talk about integrity - we live it.

No Stone Unturned

Absolute attention to detail.

Never Settle

Encouraging endless growth & learning.

Human Connection

Cultivating caring relationships Beyond Words.

Raising the Bar

Prioritizing professionalism.

Meet Our Executive Team

At Kaplan Interpreting Services, our multinational, bilingual team is dedicated to ensuring seamless project execution that exceeds expectations. And with a strong emphasis on quality and client satisfaction, we deliver exceptional results.




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Our Story

Kaplan Interpreting Services was founded in 2017 by Alexandra Kaplan, a certified medical interpreter and court interpreter with 15 years of experience. Driven by a commitment to serving others, and frustrated by the cavalier attitude of others in this industry, she decided to lead by example. That’s how Kaplan Interpreting Services was born.

As an interpreter herself, Alexandra understands interpretation and translation is a valuable, high-stakes service that levels the playing field for those at a disadvantage. Language is a powerful connector with the power to bridge cultural gaps, and it takes skill and experience to interpret and translate at a consistently high level of quality.

Over the years, Kaplan Interpreting Services has grown into a broad global network of skilled linguists with a loyal and growing client base. Our expertise in medical, legal, consulting, business, technology, education services has led us to become a trusted name in the industry with a reputation for quality and stellar customer service.

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